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Your Dream Can Become Your Reality

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Having a dream is not just this whimsical thing that magically happens; like how Disney princesses can summon woodland creatures by singing. Making dreams happen requires hard work. It's not the prettiest thing in the world. There are sacrifices that must be made. And a necessary ingredient to keep you going is passion for your cause. And if at some point in pursuit of your dream, you don't find yourself asking "what the hell am I doing" then you haven't found your dream yet. Because once you've found it, you can deny it, but it will be there no matter. Like a pesky fly buzzing in your ear.

It's been there all along. Maybe negative voices in your head or small minded people have discouraged you in the past. Let me tell you, they're all lies. And the reason they're doubting you or your dream, is because they don't understand it. And I've learned people are quick to judge what they don't understand.

I was once told at a job, that I was (and I quote) "abrasive, insubordinate, and lacking emotional intelligence." That same job told me I gave off this vibe of wanting my name in lights, and that I was working too hard. I realized years later, that particular employer was terrified of what I was doing. Because I was suggesting things no one else was; pointing out flaws in their system and offering them innovative solutions. And they didn't know what to do with me. I was a cog in their wheel. My managers would corner me in weekly disciplinary meetings, and tell me everything I was doing wrong. Eventually I became so restricted in my role that I grew to hate my job. And what followed was I stopped caring; I saw my role as just a punched in/ punch out kind of situation.

And then one day I got called into the office again. This time the head manager gave me an ultimatum; either shape up or ship out. So I left without thinking twice. I was so miserable at that point, that I didn't even care about being unemployed. Because at that company I felt oppressed, unappreciated, and wildly misunderstood. That night, freshly unemployed and frustrated, I vowed never again to allow a company to treat me that way.

After that job, there were many others. With each role, I noticed around the 6 month mark if I wanted to stick around. And that was determined by if I was being challenged in my role. Because if I am not being challenged, I lose interest. And what resulted was a succession of 10 jobs in three years.

People have told me before, "you'd be a great entrepreneur" and I remember looking at them and laughing. But they were spot on. And right now, for the first time in my life, as a small business owner, I feel like I am walking in my purpose. And I realize now, that all those random job experiences I had, actually weren't so random after all. They were preparing me.

And now as a business owner, I get to make the decisions. I have the unique opportunity to craft a healthy company culture. One that values it's team members and their work; encourages unorthodox ideas, and is authentic in it's mission.

When I graduated college, I never knew I'd have a business three years later. But here I am. Maintaining a day job while also pursuing a side hustle. And while it's not easy, it's incredibly exciting, energizing, and rewarding for me. And I encourage everyone with a dream reading this, to go for it! As cheesy as it sounds, Les Brown was onto something; "shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

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