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I am always working to improve my writing. This blog was the first leap of faith I took in sharing my writing with the public. At first, it started out as a smattering of posts based on what I was most interested in learning. Then I realized while I can write about a variety of things, what really matters is the motivations of my audience. As a result, most of the content here is geared towards inspiring you to become the best version of yourself.

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When Bad Looks Good

Bad habits. We all have them. Some call them vices others call them faults. Either way, they’re bad for a reason. They hurt us. I think...

In It For The Long Run

Exercise And Entrepreneurs If you've ever kept up any type of exercise routine, you know it requires discipline. You have to do it every...

Say No To Saying Yes

Let's be honest, saying no is hard. There's a sense of guilt that comes with it. I am reminded of a scene from the movie 27 dresses,...

A Moment Of Silence

Noise, noise, noise. It's distracting. Whether it's someone venting about what's bothering them that day, or the insidious buzz of...

A Funny Post

Have you ever thought about what causes you to laugh? It's not something we think about, we just do it. Humor is human. But also highly...

Unplug to Plug In

A couple of months ago, I watched this Netflix film called Airplane Mode. The film, completely in Portuguese, was about a social media...

Kingly Spirit

My writer friend Nicholas wrote this blog post, and I wanted to share it with all of you. We thought it would be fun to collaborate on...

Trusting Is Like A Dance

I recently went swing dancing with some friends. If you're familiar with the basics of swing dance, then you know the most important...

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