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Napkin Thoughts: Word of Encouragement

The following is something I wrote on the way to my best friend's wedding. It was the summer of 2021. I was on a plane, when I had this thought and immediately felt the need to write it down. So I grabbed a pen and a napkin, which resulted in this. To be honest I had completely forgotten about it, but recently I stumbled upon it again. And reading it's contents, I felt like someone needed to hear what's written on it. I hope it gives you encouragement in whatever stage of life you're in right now.

What is it that keeps you going despite the obstacles you face? Is it determination, status, or some level of power? No it's faith. Because when you're walking towards something that seems impossible, you need faith. And not just small faith, but crazy faith. To have such faith is not to trust yourself, but instead to trust in the one who gave you this life, this breath, and that dream. Not everything has to make sense or have an easy answer, cause that takes out all the excitement. But when you don't know what will happen next, it keeps things exciting. Like how when you're watching a show and the episode ends with a cliffhanger that you didn't see coming. Which makes you want to watch the next episode even more. To be surprised keeps you engaged, and in a way delighted. But to anticipate a surprise takes all the excitement out of it. So how does one get surprised and try to not anticipate? Acceptance of the present moment. Because anticipation comes from things that haven't happened yet. So you think about other things. Focus on the work in front of you every day. Then the expected becomes the unexpected. Here's the thing though, since it's God's timing and not ours, it will always be a surprise. Because His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. Maybe for the really holy people, but little people like me definitely have no idea what God is up to. And yet hope. So as scripture says, faith and hope yes, but also love. What are we without love? After all once we love God with everything, we're called to love each other as Christ loved us.

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