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Right Now?

Do you ever find yourself asking "why right now"? As if the timing of things happening in your life seems so out of place. Be it starting a business, falling in love, or making a career switch. To God it's a different story. But we're down here like "what the heck". And yet, something in you says keep going; after all results require action. You have to take that leap to find out if your plans will soar high or come crashing down. And there's that moment before the leap, where you think "what the heck am I doing" and then jump anyway not knowing what is going to happen next.

Some people don't like risk, which is understandable. It's scary. It's unconventional. It's unknown. But the same can be said of life. And some things are worth the risk. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have regrets on my deathbed, or think "if only". I'd rather take action. If I fail, I fail. But even failure is not the end. And the reality is you might not be failing at all, it's just that you can't see the bigger picture yet. God only knows what is coming your way. If only we have faith, trusting in His timing, His providence, His guidance, oh how we will be encouraged. But having faith is not easy. When it's tested it can either become stronger or fall apart like the weak link on a chain. This is how God gets us to grab His hand tighter. Wherever you are at in life presently, know you have a loving Father who is just waiting for you to reach your hand out to Him in faith, and lead you towards what is best for you.

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