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Well That Was Enlightening

This weekend while I was out and about, I bought a lamp. After I had set it up at home and screwed in the light bulb, something seemed off. But I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I even pulled out other lamps and studied those to see what I was doing wrong. But I still couldn’t figure it out. So I texted my cousin (also my roommate) that I had bought a confusing lamp (which she thought was a typo). I figured she would know what to do. When she got home, I showed her it and she was like “yeah that's not right.” So then I was thinking, I must have bought the wrong sized light bulb, cause I could see myself doing that without realizing it. And then she was like, "wait a second." She proceeded to unscrew the light bulb, flipped the lampshade over, and screwed the light bulb back in…. I had put the lampshade on upside-down which was why the light was protruding from the top. As you can imagine, we laughed about this for a good 5 minutes. So lesson learned, apparently lamps work best when not upside down. And on a deeper level, sometimes you just have to turn a situation over on its head, and all of a sudden things start working.

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