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What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Imagine you had an opportunity to talk with your 18 year old self. What would you say to them? As I reflect on how my life has unfolded since high school, one theme rises to the top. Resilience. Resilience is your ability to keep going, despite the obstacles and challenges you face. It's like the reed in the wind; maybe it bends a little, but it returns to an upright position. It's agile. We can't always control what happens, but we can control how we react to it. People will say whatever they want, whenever they want, and however they want. People talk. You don't have to take any of it to heart; that is within your locus of control. People have a right to their opinions, but you don't have to make it your religion. If I could talk to my 18 year old self, I would say "Brigid, do what you want. Pursue what is on your heart. Go after it with everything you've got. And let the rest of the buzz go in one ear and out the other." At the end of the day what matters most is not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself. Over the years, here's what I've learned:

  1. Prioritize what you care about

  2. Take assessment of what you really want in life

  3. Explore new things from a standpoint of curiosity

  4. Failure is part of the process, embrace it and learn from it

  5. Pursue what's on your heart with unrelenting effort

  6. Take care of yourself and show kindness to others

  7. Rise above the pettiness of small mindedness

  8. The opinions of others do not dictate your life

  9. Have the courage to go after what you want and exploring what that looks like

  10. Do things that energize and refresh you

  11. Get out in nature

  12. Always trust God, because He is a good Father who wants good things for your life

  13. Put effort into becoming the best version of yourself

  14. Use frustration as fuel to go after your goals

  15. When there's a will, there's a way

This mindset I believe is what separates the good from the great. You were made for greatness. You were made to change the world for the better. Believe in yourself. Like a buried treasure, your greatness lies just under the surface. Untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Have the courage to take a shovel and dig a little deeper. Be not afraid. A life filled with regrets of things left undone is no life at all. It's never too late. You have everything you need to be successful. Where you are right now is exactly where you're meant to be. Embrace the process. You were not made for mediocrity. You were made for greatness. Learn as much as you can and have the humility to ask questions. You were made to set the world on fire. To be a change-maker that helps others. Go out there and go after it!

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