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Morale of the Story, Keep Going

Today I went on a run and naturally I got lost, which happens a lot, (given I have the directional skills of a blind bat). And I ended up going much further than I had planned. Since I was trying to fit this run into my hour lunch break, I knew the clock was ticking, so I had to run for it. You know that feeling when your legs feel a bit like jelly because you ran too far, too fast, too soon? Yeah that happened. But I had no choice; because the walk sign at the intersection only gives you 15 seconds to cross, so my only option was to sprint across. Do y'all that run ever find yourself running negative splits? You know, where the first half of your run is faster than the second half? I certainly have. And if you've experienced this, you know that it wears you out fast. So after several sprints across intersections (and just picking up the pace in general), I was feeling it. But I pushed through and made it back (before my lunch ended).

And in talking about this, it reminds me of an important yet easily forgotten lesson: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Whatever you are dealing with right now, push through, persevere, and don’t give up. You may not see the end right now, but trust me it is there. Know that it will get better; just keep going.

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