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Wait a Minute...

The concept of waiting is an interesting one. I ordered a veggie burger the other day and as I was waiting, I found myself contemplating what it means to be waiting for something. For one, you have to have patience (which I am constantly trying to learn) but for another, there's a purpose to which you are waiting for something. And knowing why you are waiting, makes a difference. It also depends on what you are waiting for. Waiting in line at CVS is way different than waiting for your bank account to go up or your life situation to improve. It’s all about mindset. The circumstances are what they are, but how you react to those circumstances, is up to you.

Depending upon what you're waiting for or how long you’ve been waiting for it, you may find yourself asking, “is this really worth it? All this waiting?” And only you can answer that. But if it's something you really want or really believe in, it will come to you through hard work and perseverance. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “good things come to those who wait”. I believe the longer the wait, the greater the blessings to come. Maybe your life doesn’t make sense today or tomorrow, but maybe a year from now you will have your answer. And looking back you will see how all that waiting and hard work that you are doing now, is actually preparing you for what is to come.

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